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Who is Anders? A Guide

Recently Mphaal asked ‘who is Anders’ after seeing him on his dash and never playing the game, so I thought I was totally qualified to talk about this. I’m glossing over more complicated cultures that are not relevant to Anders’s storyline.

Necessary Background:

In the Dragon Age world, mages are considered (and are) dangerous because they are susceptible to being possessed by demons/spirits from the Fade (which is an alternate dimension, sort of, where magic comes from). This causes them to become abominations (usually) and cause a great amount of damage and death (usually). They are also immensely powerful, and the use of (illegal) blood magic can even allow them to control others’ minds. The use of blood magic also weakens the Veil, the metaphorical/mystical barrier that prevents the spirits/demons in the Fade from crossing over and wreaking havoc.

Mages who do not live in Circles are called ‘apostate’ and are usually hunted down and killed. The exception is the Dalish, who are elves living outside human civilization.

To combat this, the Chantry requires all mages to be forcibly taken from their families and placed in institutions called Circles, where they are educated and (almost) never allowed to leave. They are required to pass a test against a demon to become a mage, submit to the Rite of Tranquility (this strips them of their access to the Fade, and also of all emotion), or die.

They are watched over by Templars, who are lyrium-addicted holy knights with the ability to painfully sap mana out of mages or silence their spell casting. They are supposed to protect mages “from themselves and others,” though there is obvious power corruption that comes into play, as well as awful practices and resentment on both sides.

Now, for Anders himself.

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LOLOL, this happened.

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i end my day with crappy nanders fluff.


Third! Awakening!Anders for Bell <3

8D He’s great! Thank you~<3

I miss me some Awakening!Anders. He is my favorite Anders.



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Hey, if you really feel the need to realistically play out every bit of gameplay and avoid every mechanic that has even a hint of gameplay-story segregation built in, then more power to you. You can play your game the way you want. But there are a lot of segregational realism moments that will never mesh, no matter how you try to force your gameplay to fit.

Meanwhile, I’ll just be over here napalming raiders, because I enjoy exploding things with fire spells. If nitpicking every gameplay point and giving yourself headaches trying to figure out if something would work in reality is fun for you, by all means, enjoy yourself.

You must have a grand old time trying to deal with all the modern and pop culture references and the anachronism stew environment details that couldn’t actually exist the way it’s portrayed.

If sticking to realism is such a major problem, why would you take Anders with you all the time? I mean, if Hawke’s trying to avoid being discovered by the templars and taken in it totally makes sense s/he’d take a conspicuous and suspicious mage along all the time. Oh, wait. All the characters are pretty conspicuous and suspicious. Guess you’re kind of screwed there. Honestly, no matter what you do, everything Hawke does is ridiculously suspect and s/he and his/her party stick out like sore thumbs. They’d have all been caught in ten minutes if anybody was actually paying attention. But then there would have been no game.

There’s nothing wrong with playing your game this way, and if you’re doing it for fun or a challenge then have at it. It just seems like a long way to go and a lot of effort to insist that your Hawke behave ‘realistically’ when nobody else does. Unless you’re looking for bragging rights or something.

I don’t really know of any RPGs that have that degree of realism that you’re looking for as a major selling point. Hell, in most RPGs mages aren’t stigmatized the way that they are in DA2 and they’re constantly blowing up shit with massive spells everywhere they go… and not harming a single tree or blade of grass even when they firebomb the forest to cinders to kill a bunny. There are lots of way bigger issues that don’t line up in DA2 than Hawke using magic near templars. Why just templars? Why not civilians too? They could go run and tell the templars on you, after all. That’s just… a really odd point to fixate on.

P.S. It’s, ‘I’ll show you why mages are feared!’ No, it’s not really a big deal, but I mean, if we’re going to nitpick and insist on accurate immersion and realism to this extent then you could at least get the quote right.

I thought this was actually a decent confession for once. It was headcanon-y, it was non-accusatory, non-confrontational, and did not look down on other people’s play preference. They simply stated their own preference, and good on them! Many people like to headcanon their playthroughs and change what a character does even if the game canon doesn’t necessarily pan out the same way, or even if it doesn’t make everything make sense.

Does this really require seven paragraphs of condescension and “my playstyle is better than yours” in response?



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Dragon Age Fic - Two Sides of the Same Coin

Title: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Characters: Avi Cousland, Nathaniel Howe, Anders
Rating: T
Warnings: Immediate Violence 

“Your family was going to sell us out to the Orlesians!”

The table was flipped before Nathaniel had time to react, the heavy wood knocking him off his bench and to the ground, pinning him painfully across the ribs. Avi hurled it off of him, sending it crashing against the stone wall. It was the first time Nathaniel had seen her dull, blank expression marred by any sort of emotion, and the face that greeted him was terrifying.

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