This is what you think it is.

Sometimes I look at how many people are following the eclectic and incoherent mess that is my blog, and I realize: wow

there are a lot of people whose tastes are as varied and awesome as mine.

Another Ask Meme!

  1. How do you prefer to sleep?
  2. Where would you hide something important to you?
  3. Which part of getting ready for your day/night/work/etc. is the most crucial, and without doing so you feel off?
  4. Favorite smell?
  5. What type of fabric or material do you prefer for your clothes?
  6. What do you judge others most harshly for?
  7. Are there any dreams or goals you’ve given up on?
  8. After you die, what would your ideal eulogy include?
  9. What is your favorite flavor?
  10. What is something that always gives you a headache?
  11. In matters of etiquette, what do you feel is the most important rule?
  12. What can make you anxious just thinking about it?
  13. How do you react to physical pain, compared to emotional?
  14. Where would you absolutely refuse to spend the night?
  15. Do you enjoy ‘childish’ pursuits more, or ‘adult’ ones?
  16. What is your favorite sound?
  17. What is something others think is flawed about you, that you disagree with?
  18. What is one thing you want to change but don’t think you ever will?
  19. What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?
  20. What rules do you think are made for breaking?
  21. What is your go to self-indulgence?
  22. What inspires the most selfishness in you?
  23. What are you most confident in concerning yourself?
  24. Do you have any compulsive habits?
  25. What is your spur of the moment advice to anyone?
  26. How do you act around those you know do not like you?
  27. What do you miss most about your past self?
  28. Is there something that isn’t essential for survival that you would never go without anyway?
  29. What is your favorite color combination?
  30. What is your stance on the influence of nature versus nurture?

Because apparently to unwind from work I create memes.

Ask a character of mine, or even me! And feel free to reblog.