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Sometimes I look at how many people are following the eclectic and incoherent mess that is my blog, and I realize: wow

there are a lot of people whose tastes are as varied and awesome as mine.


Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta)

  1. One thing that had me pulling my hair is that these guys love mud, which makes it very hard to distinguish who is dark and who is dirty. This pudgy guy is the darkest I could find in captivity and be (semi) confident he didn’t just take a dunk in a puddle or isn’t stained with blood. His fur is very shaggy, distorting his spots into larger blotches. If anyone knows of a picture of a darker one and are sure it’s not that way because of dirt, point me towards it! [x]
  2. Very crisp white countershading on the undersides and around the eyes against orange tan gives this younger animal nice contrast[x]
  3. Probably the coloration that is most iconic in this species, a sandy tan that is fairly even in color. [x]
  4. This hyena has a grey base coat, it’s markings a faded red-brown towards the front of the body and gradually darken towards the back..[x]
  5. A gorgeous light colored animal with a bit of an orange-y mane. I believe this is the same animal from the side and in the shade, so the colors are pretty much true. He’s from a zoo in a cooler climate as well, so his longer fur probably lightens his look as well.[x]
  6. Trio of varying shades, a blond, redhead, and a silver fox. [x] The middle animal in the next image (from a different zoo) has a foxy red mane, possibly the most ginger a spotted hyenas can get. [x]
  7. A pair of hyenas with and without black legs. The larger one with dark socks is also more heavily spotted and has a bit of a grizzled look. [x]
  8. Two animals with two very different spotting, one with dark black and the other with light ginger. It’s very possible the light hyena is older, since it’s common in this species to have their spots lighten as they age, or it could be her own special look. Here was the oldest hyena in captivity, and she wasn’t nearly as light as this example. (I didn’t have enough space, but baby hyenas are born dark brownish black, and lighten from the head down.) [x]
  9. The adult is either very old or a bit mangy (or a combination of both), and looks spotless and balding in some area. [x]
  10. Two common mask types I’ve noticed, the whole muzzle including around the eyes or mostly on the bridge with or without a bit of grey at the end of the snout. While the first is most likely younger, and the second seems like it is for sure an older animal, it’s not always age related. I’ve also seen ones that appear to have no mask, or ones that extend and cover most of the head, but they seemed to be covered in dirt or stained with blood. However, it would not surprise me if there were a maskless or full masked hyena! [x] [x]
i did not know that was a thing but that sounds *delightful*

That’s the problem it isn’t a thing and should be. My mom made it on accident once because she didn’t have enough of the raspberry to fill a jar so she filled the rest with peach and let me tell you breaking down and crying is a perfectly justifiable reaction to not having that in my life right now.

almost started crying in the store because nobody sells peach-raspberry jam but i texted my mom and she said she would make some

god i need more sleep


Homeless shelter is transformed into 5-star restaurant, hot food and warm hearts all around.  See the full video here. 

Beau is part dork, part cat, all separation anxiety.

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Come to Earth, I’m leveling up dragons for newbies and giving stuff away.

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Uuugh I spent the first hour of art class failing miserably and the last two doing okay on this but I didn’t get to finish. Dude had way more hair on his head and I ran out of time whoops.

Today was not a good day to art.